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When you arrive, let a beer-tender know you’re picking up an online order! They’ll happily confirm your name, check your order, and answer any questions you may have.

Craft Beer in Lewisville & Fort Worth

Taps and Caps is your craft beer heaven in both Lewisville and the Fort Worth area! We pride ourselves on being the best beer store and having the widest selection of craft brew taps in the area and beyond! We have over 50 craft beers on tap at both of our locations from across the world and make it a point to rotate taps and brews to bring a wide variety of options to our customers. Our constant rotation allows us to serve hundreds of different beers annually bringing a wide variety of brewers and flavors to the people of Texas, and our laid-back atmosphere and knowledgeable staff will let you enjoy the craft brews like no other. Both of our locations allow you to bring in your own food, and if you do so, our staff will be happy to recommend a brew to pair with what you are eating to make it truly enjoyable!

Growlers, Crowlers, & More

One of the best parts about Taps and Caps is the ability to grab a growler to go of your favorite brew, or order one online ahead of time and pick it up. It’s a safe bet to assume you will not find the majority of our menu anywhere else, so we allow the option of a growler or crowler to go so you can enjoy it at home or on a trip (responsibly of course). Choose your location for pickup, your container size, and set your pick-up. If you are in a rush, no worries. We have a dedicated cooler at each location that will store your beer and keep it cold for when you arrive to pick it up. Ordering online is easy and avoids the hassle of a line. We serve glass growlers and crowlers so you can get a lot of your favorite brew, or a smaller amount of different types as a sample pack to take home. By ordering online from Taps and Caps, you avoid being limited to what your local grocer or liquor store stocks or doesn’t, and you can truly enjoy some amazing craft brews at home anytime!

Order Beer Online & Bring it Home

Taps and Caps is your craft beer heaven in the Lewisville and Fort Worth area and beyond! Order a growler or crowler to go online today and come in to pick it up so you can enjoy the beer you buy at home.