Great Breweries to Explore in Texas and Their Specialties

Great Breweries to Explore in Texas and Their Specialties

Great Breweries to Explore in Texas and Their Specialties – Texas is nice place in United States. There are many things to find. When you love beers, then it is good for you to know some breweries in Texas. It may not be similar to some states that have large numbers of breweries. Even so, there are some brands and breweries that you can find. You will not regret your decision to explore and even enjoy the nice tastes of Texas beers directly from the breweries.

Busted Sandal Brewing Company is the first place to go. It is located in the center of Texas so you will not have any problems to find the location. It is a microbrewery. It has specialty and it is in brewing the German-style beers. Busted Sandal was founded in 2010. There were two people who loved beers and they were passionate to make their own brewery. One of the best products of the Busted Sandal is Hefeweizen. It is a wheat beer. It uses the unfiltered processes with the Bavarian yeast. The Hefeweizen can be said as the flagship of this brewery. As for the best one, it is the Honey Porter. As its name shows, it has honey as one of the ingredients and taste. It uses local honey and roasted malts. The product becomes nice beer with dark color and rich taste. This is best to drink during winter. Even, the Honey Porter has won many awards. When you are curious with the taste and whole brewery of Busted Sandal, you can just go to San Antonio and spare your time to visit the brewery.

Next place is Lakewood Brewing Company .It was established in 2012. It was founded by couple of husband and wife. They were Wim Bens and Carsonol. It is one of the great breweries in Texas. In term of craft brewery, it is the most popular one in Texas. It can be found in the area of Garland. The brewery produces many kinds of beers, starting from the IPAs, sours, and stouts. You can explore the area of brewery and some spots are open for publics who come to visit and enjoy tour. In addition to see the building, of course you want to try the beers. When you come to the brewery directly, you can get some nice products. Even, you can get the special seasonal beers and even the limited-release beers. You can have nice taste of beers that are produced by using the traditional brewing method. Although it is famous now and it grows quickly, the Lakewood Brewing Company still preserves its identity and roots with its traditional methods.

Great Breweries to Explore in Texas and Their Specialties

Then, there is Deep Ellum Brewing Company. This is also famous brewery in Texas and it was founded in 2011. It is located at Dallas and it is a craft brewery, so it is similar to the Lakewood brewery Brewing Company. In addition to its factory that produces the beers, the area also has taproom and even beer garden. Visitors can enjoy the time to experiences these spots. Taproom is places where various beers are on tap. As for the beer garden, it is an outdoor area to enjoy beers. In the garden, there are even live music performances and food trucks. When you come to the brewery directly, you can have chance to get the seasonal and even limited-release beers that you may not be able to find easily.

When you are still around Deep Ellum and you still want to visit other brewery, you can go to Braindead Brewing. It was founded in 2013. The brewery specializes in classic styles of beers. You are going to find nice methods of brewing beers because it produces the barrel-aged beers. It means that the beers are aged in the bourbon barrels for some months before it is released. The good news is that you are not only to find beers in this place of brewery. You can find nice spot to enjoy your beers accompanied by pizza and even smoked meats. There is outdoor area for you to have time or these. It may be outdoor area, but sunlight will not disturb you because you can find patios with seats for the customers.

When you want to visit unique brewery, you can go to Austin Beer Garden and Brewery. It is local brewery located in Austin. It is called unique because it uses 300-gallon system that will later create small batches of ales and lagers. These are handcrafted batches and that is why the brewery is unique. It uses different methods and approaches compared to other breweries. You can also find taproom to find the beers and try them. It is almost similar to the Deep Ellum brewery where you can have spot to enjoy the beers with live music and meals from the food trucks. You do not need to worry about quality of beers in this brewery. Although it uses unique method, it has won many awards, including the Gold Medal of Great American Beer Festival.

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