What Makes the Best Growler Fill?

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The Texas craft beer industry continues to boom, with new breweries opening their doors and taps every week. Craft brewers take pride in their product and infuse it with their heart and soul, using handpicked quality ingredients for the best flavor. Most brewers have small or non-existent marketing budgets, so word of mouth is critical to spreading the news about his or her latest seasonal creation.

Growler Fill Process

Once the word gets out, how does the loyal connoisseur transport their latest favorite brew home? A beer growler functions as a personal mini keg. It is an air-tight container that allows craft enthusiasts to get the straight-from-the-tap flavor when on the go. Here are some tips for getting the best growler fill.

  • Make sure you start with a clean growler. The best practice is triple rinsing it in hot water and swirling or scrubbing it with a long-handled brush as soon as it is emptied. It ensures that anything that has started to develop is removed. Do not use dish soap, oil-based scented soap, or put it in the dishwasher. It can leave a residue that alters the flavor of your favorite brew. Turn it upside down, leave the cap off, and let it air dry completely.
  • Clean the beer lines with water or sanitizing tabs purchased locally or online. This can help ensure bacteria does not take hold if it has been sitting there for a while and that the taste of your next refill is not affected by the last fill.
  • Chill your jug. Many growler bars will do this for you before filling, but if you are unsure, ask the bar attendant to pop it in the fridge for a few minutes. This helps it hold the flavor better. Don’t put it in the freezer as the ice crystals that form on the interior will result in more foam.
  • Purge the growler with c02 or use counter-pressure to remove any oxygen and reduce the chance of oxidation, especially if it won’t be consumed. Use a foot-long tube to bottom-fill, preventing the beer from agitating.
  • The beer will begin to foam as it approaches the neck of the jug. Remove the tube and gently top up. Cap it while the foam is still slowly dripping over the side. This can postpone oxidation.

Best Growlers

Growlers are a favorite way for small batch brewers to share their beer. Today, consumers have a variety of options for taking their favorite beverage with them:

  • Amber/brown glass growlers are the most common vessels from craft breweries. You can see how much is left to drink and the dark glass prevents light damage. They are prone to chipping and often shatter when dropped, so they are not ideal for on-the-go.
  • Handmade ceramic vessels are beautiful with a classic look. Their natural insulation keeps contents cold for hours. They are typically customized for a specific brewery, which gives them a sense of exclusivity.
  • Stainless steel, vacuum insulated growlers offer protection and a consistent high-pressure. They are easy to carry and are unlikely to break if dropped. These containers keep contents cold much longer than glass or ceramic.

Unopened growlers can keep beer fresh for days after it is brought from the brewery. Depending on the container and brew, it is recommended that you enjoy it within 24 hours of being opened. Otherwise, it may go flat.

Growler Fills in Lewisville & Fort Worth

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