What Defines a Craft Beer?

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Beer has longtime been a beloved American drink, and in recent years, there has been a proliferation of craft beers. In fact, if you have been out for a beer run recently, you have probably discovered at least one small craft brewery in your area. At Taps & Caps , we have taken this one step further and collected local, domestic, and international craft beers into one concept.

Whether you are searching for craft beer in Lewisville or craft beer near The Colony, you will find that these innovative brewers are contributing to an exciting culinary revolution. If you are interested in learning more about craft beer, here are some things worth knowing.

What Is a Craft Beer?

According to the American Brewers Association, craft beer is one that is created by a “small and independent brewer.” To put it simply, craft beer is a beer that has been independently brewed in a facility that does not produce more than six million barrels of beer per year. This leads to an alternative brewing and fermentation process. Using a traditional base of malted barley, the craft brewer thoughtfully adds different ingredients to come up with an inimitable flavor for the brew.

There is also a special rule for ownership, in that, at least 75% of the brewery must be owned by someone who is actually an independent craft brewer. This rule guarantees that mega-breweries cannot take over craft breweries, thus maintaining the unique status of the smaller brew and allowing for special techniques.

Are There Differences Between Craft and Non-Craft Beers?

Well, other than the size of the brewery, there are, in fact, many differences between traditional beer and the newer craft varieties. For one, craft brewers put a lot of time, energy, and effort into the actual taste of the small-batch beer. In this era of the foodie, they are constantly trying to be innovative. By experimenting with some non-traditional ingredients and flavors, these brewers are aiming to create delicious, unique infusions.

Craft breweries relish the challenge of concocting unusual flavors, sometimes associated with seasonal ingredients. Many craft brewers work with local farms to procure the best ingredients for their brews. They also strive to follow practices that are good for the environment.

Craft beer brewers are more like independent or mom-and-pop stores as compared to large chains. The craft brewer often becomes a part of the community, sponsoring charity events at the brewery or donating products. Some craft brewers even create sponsorships or partner with professional sports teams.

Is a Craft Brewery the Same as a Microbrewery?

In a word, no. A microbrewery is defined by the number of barrels of beer it produces each year, numbering no more than 15,000 in one year. While a craft brewery may brew much more than that, the major difference is that the craft brewery must be independently owned, while the parent of a microbrewery may be a large beer manufacturer. Plus, microbreweries may not put the same emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients that a craft brewer does.

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