The Five Most Popular Craft Beer Styles

Beer is flowing freely from taps across the country, and there are some craft beer styles that are definitely rising to the top of the six pack of popularity. We’re definitely seeing a parallel between the most popular beer styles in America and the orders that guests at Lone Star Taps and Caps ask us to fill every night of the week.

No. 1: India Pale AlesIPA - Taps & Caps

Sales of craft IPAs surpassed $583 million last year. That was a massive increase of nearly 21 percent from 2015. We have plenty of IPAs at Lone Star Taps and Caps, including Hoppenheimer brewed by Manhattan Project and Yellow Rose brewed by The Lone Pint Brewery.

No. 2: Seasonal Beers

Sales of seasonal blends are declining, but still strong. In 2016 these accounted for nearly $351 million in sales, which was down six percent from 2015 but still strong enough to finish in second place. One of our most popular seasonals is Wintervention from Peticolas Brewing.

No. 3: Variety Beers

Variety is the spice of life, and variety beers are holding firm in the third place position. In 2016, variety beers accounted for $202 million in sales, which was a one percent increase over the previous year.

No. 4: Belgian Wits

Belgian beers continue to show their strength and prowess in the market. In 2016, these wit, or wheat, beers racked up $163 million in sales, which was a 2.8 percent increase over 2015. In fact, Celis White from Celis Brewery and Liliko’i Kepolo from Avery Brewing are among the most popular brews we offer. 

Pale Ale - Taps & CapsNo. 5: Pale Ales

Rounding out the top five, pale ales have a firm foundation that held solid at $145 million in sales in 2015. The growth rate was just 1.5 percent, which seems flat on the surface until it is compared with the next largest contender, which is Amber Ales that had just $81 million in sales. We have plenty of pale ales on tap, including Roughtail Pale Ale and Brash Brewing Company’s EZ-7.

When you are ready to taste some of the most popular craft beers in America, stop by Lone Star Taps and Caps and we’ll fill your glass with nothing less than the finest. We have these popular craft beers and many more on tap for you to discover and enjoy throughout the year.   

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