Brewery Spotlight | Peticolas Brewing

Spotlight Brewery | Peticolas Brewing

You don’t hear the phrase “just like mom used to make” too often in the craft brew world, but in the case of Peticolas Brewing, it certainly applies. Jacque Peticolas started filling 22-ounce bombers with her homemade Mexican style beer about two decades ago, right in the comfort of her El Paso home. Her homebrew was to become a big hit with the neighborhood, but one of her biggest fans was her son, Michael. The former Texas lawyer learned the fundamentals of good brewing at the American Brewers Guild’s Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering program in 2010 and combined the knowledge he gained there with the teachings of his dear mother. The end result was Peticolas Brewing, and throughout the last decade, Michael’s dedication and discipline pulled the brewery from obscurity and made the industry take notice. Today, Michael is co-chair of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild’s legislative committee. Anyone who has enjoyed a beer from Peticolas will no doubt tell you that this title is well deserved.

Michael now heads a staff of dedicated Peticolas family members, some bound by blood and some just bound by beer. Brewery Matriarch Melissa Peticolas stands by Michael’s side as they oversee a team made up of mostly former volunteers. The notion that these people started as volunteers, bottling, and brewing just for the love of the process and the product, should speak volumes about the beer that they’re brewing over there.


It all started with their Imperial Red Ale, dubbed Velvet Hammer. As the name would imply, it rides the line between soft and smooth and bold and blunt. Since then, they’ve expanded their selection to include IPA’s, Stouts, Barley Wines and more. From the dark and bitter Imperial Stout, they call Black Curtains, to the light and crisp beer taste of their Golden Opportunity, this brewery’s impressive range of adult beverages has something for everyone. No matter what you prefer, the good folks at Peticolas have got you covered.


You are sure to find Dallas’ craft brewers and craft brew lovers at the Peticolas Taproom on any given Thursday through Sunday and with good reason. With 16 beers on tap and a welcoming vibe that makes you feel like you’re a part of the Peticolas family, their Taproom boils down everything their brewery is about and puts you right into one single convenient location. You’ll notice such details as the use of repurposed brewing equipment to make light fixtures or menu boards, which embodies the DIY spirit of craft brewing and gives patrons a complete, immersive experience into the Peticolas world.

Gone are the days of Peticolas being open a mere 4 hours a month. You heard us right; there was a time not too long ago when this brewery only opened its doors from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month. But with beer like this, that thin schedule could never have lasted.


A good beer like this can’t go unnoticed for very long, and that’s apparent when you take a look at the long list of awards Peticolas has won. The Dallas Observer and D Magazine have all given the brewery high marks over the years, and it seems like the good people at Peticolas can’t go a year without winning a stack of medals from the U.S. Open Beer Championship. A pedigree like this can’t help but impress, but for those of us who have experienced Peticolas firsthand, it comes as no surprise whatsoever.


All too often, the “merch” that breweries offer up isn’t really anything more than poorly made trucker hats or t-shirts made with gaudy colors and uncomfortable material. Not so at Peticolas. Their line of merchandise is made up of t-shirts, hoodies, and hats that you’d actually wear. Imagine that, a line of merch from a brewery that looks cool! Might seem hard to believe, but see for yourself. The football club (that’s “soccer” for those of you in the cheap seats) inspired shirts and hats are fairly stylish, and what’s better than looking good while you rep your new favorite craft brew company?

Peticolas’ selection of beers is sure to satisfy anyone, from the casual drinker to the most die-hard craft beer connoisseur. That’s why we’re proud to offer up their award winning product right here at Lone Star Taps and Caps. Stop by our taproom and experience your new favorite beer today.

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