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When Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer put their heads together and worked on the original Manhattan Project, the result was a game-changer that few saw coming. You could say the same thing about that other Manhattan Project, the Dallas-Fort Worth beer company that started as a hobby among amateur craft beer enthusiasts and turned into a respected company that’s been winning awards and filling pint glasses all over Texas.

The Project’s Inception

Way back in the year 2010, a group of friends embarked on a mission: to create a beer that merged the styles of American brown ale and Belgian, and serve it at the 2010 wedding of Karl and Misty Sanford. Over the course of eight months, the team took a disciplined, scientific approach to the homebrewing process, paying close attention to the small details and the removing imperfections that often get overlooked. By the time the day had arrived, the team had produced their first beer, Inception. The beer was a hit among the weddings guests, and the Manhattan Project Beer Company was born. Since then, Inception has been followed up by many ambitious endeavors, including their award-winning west coast IPA known as, “Hoppenheimer,” and their bold, rich coffee stout appropriately named, “Black Matter.”

Manhattan, Texas

Sure, the good men and women at the Manhattan Project Beer Company might have a brewing process that feels like it came right out of MIT, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have a good time. They’ll be a part of several upcoming events in the DFW area, including this year’s Big Texas Beer Fest. You can also catch them at a number of Texas bars, holding promotional events for their latest creations.

Take The Long Way Home

The Manhattan Brewing Project’s selection may be a bit more limited compared to other breweries, but that’s the result of their high standard of excellence. With absolutely zero input from investors or any other outside entities, they’re able to take their time and do it right. Yes, their beers take a long time to get released, but so did samurai swords. Perfection doesn’t adhere to the whole deadline thing.

The Manhattan-Lone Star Alliance

Full disclosure, we’ve worked with the geniuses at the Manhattan Project once before. So maybe we are a little biased, but can you blame us? We worked together on a special Pina Colada IPA that saw a limited release. We dubbed it, “Atomic Alliance,” and it’s tropical, almost creamy taste with a hoppy finish made for what may very well be the perfect summer brew.

If you missed your shot at drinking this amazing result of a monumental collaboration, all hope is not lost. We’re proud to say that Atomic Alliance will most likely be returning to the DFW area this summer!

So come on down to any of our Taps & Caps locations to experience these beautifully crafted brews today. The Manhattan Brewing Project’s beers are unlike any other, and each sip is a testament to what teamwork, science, and discipline can produce. Stop by Lonestar Taps & Caps and let’s raise a glass (or growler) to these mad scientists today.

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