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Spotlight Brewery | Braindead Brewing - Taps & CapsContrary to what the name would suggest, there’s a lot of thought that goes into the brewing process over at Braindead. According to their Facebook page, this Dallas brewery is “kinda like the hip-hop duo Black Star… but instead of making awesome rap, [they] make ridiculously good beer and food.”

Take a moment to hit up Spotify or iTunes, or your cool older brother’s vinyl collection, and familiarize yourself with Blackstar if you haven’t already. We’ll wait.

Good, now that you have a point of reference, check out their list of beers and you’ll immediately get why they chose to use such an analogy. Even their more “mainstream” type beers have a remarkably unique edge to them, such as the All-American taste of Nimbus or the robust and hoppy Braindead Red. But if you ascribe to the old phrase, “If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly bear,” Braindead has got you covered. They offer many intense, bold beers that boast over a 10% ABV content, such as the Imperial wheat porter with the British death metal monicker, Hammer of the Gods. Then, there’s the Galactic Federation of Might, the double IPA that features both a sweet and robust flavor, reminiscent of a bulletproof teddy bear. They even have something for the wine lovers, with five options for those who like to go with white and four for those redheads.

Get Your Grub On

Ever been to a taproom that puts all of their focus and emphasis on the beer, only to let their food quality fall by the wayside? Of course, you have. We’re pleased to tell you that this is not a problem that Braindead Brewing seems to have. Ambitious appetizers like Korean Fried Chicken and Nachos Compuestos hit the mark and set the tone for every visit to Braindead. Main entrees like Bangers & Mash or Fish & Chips put a Texas spin on some classic pub staples that pair perfectly with a nice pint.

Then there’s the brunch. Any establishment can pull off “brunch,” but Braindead’s brunch is on a whole other level. Make Sunday mornings great again and kick the Hair of the Dog to the curb with their Hangover Helper, an andouille sausage patty on an onion roll with hash browns, bacon, chipotle sausage gravy, fried egg, American cheese, and leeks. Represent the Lone Star State and pick up their take on Texas Toast, complete with brioche, buttermilk, cajeta, molasses, candied poblano, and herbed goat cheese. They’ve even found a way to make peanut butter and jelly exciting, with a recipe that includes pecan maple butter, duck bacon, grapefruit jelly, and Sabine Creek honey. That’s right, PB&J is having a “She’s All That” moment at Braindead Brewing, and you’re hardly going to recognize her.

Got Merch?

If you’re looking to help spread that Braindead branding to strange new places, they have a merch store where you can do just that. Fly their flag up the pole and see who salutes by getting yourself your very own Braindead t-shirt to wear when you’re out and about. Or if you’d rather your awareness campaigns to be a bit more covert, pick up a pack of Braindead stickers and stick ‘em far and wide all over Texas and beyond.

And why not be in the know before you go? We’re sure you’ll be so down with the Braindead Brewery’s offerings right from the get-go that we encourage you to sign up for their newsletter in advance. Get a headstart over John Q. Public and hear about the latest specials, events, and new brews before the unwashed masses get the news. And if you’re already a staunch supporter of team Braindead, what are you waiting for? Submit that email and get in the inner circle today!

In July, lookout for our Upcoming Collaboration with Braindead Brewery called the Pastryotic Stout! It will definitely be a dark beer that will liven up any Fourth of July party.

Do yourself a favor and stop by one of our Taps & Caps locations to try this impressive lineup of brews today. The adventurous and daring spirit of Braindead Brewing pushes boundaries and ups the ante without straying from the craft brew fundamentals, as every brewing outfit should. Good brewing is an art, and Braindead certainly offers up plenty of masterpieces. Come see for yourself!

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