Six of the Most Entertaining Beer Drinking Games in Texas

It’s always fun to sit down and tip back a cold one, and sometimes it’s a good idea to make a game of it with your closest friends. The next time you make your way into the bar, be sure you keep these beer drinking games in mind. When you’re drinking beer, every day is a special event worth celebrating.

Beer PongSix of the Most Entertaining Beer Drinking Games in Texas - Taps & Caps

This game is the belle of the ball from backyard BBQs to tailgate parties. Line up the cups, take aim with your ping pong ball and if you manage to make the shot, the other team drinks while you get the points.

Kings Cup

This beer drinking game is easy to set up. Simply arrange the cards around a glass and assign the rules for each card ranging from a drink to another action. Then sit back and enjoy as the fun unfolds.

Flip and Sip

Take a coin and flip it in the air. If you guess heads or tails correctly, pass the coin to the right. If you guess it wrong, take a sip and pass it to the left.

Bladder Banger

Take some duct tape and secure large glasses of Texas craft beer to both hands. The rules are simple: You can’t take the glasses off until the glasses are empty. The first one to take the glasses off loses.

The Century Club

Think you can do one shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes? If you can, you’ll become the newest inductee into this hallowed club. Of all the drinking games with beer, this seems like one of the easiest. But, just like that looker at the end of the bar, looks can be very deceiving.

Flip Cup

This relay race will get your heart jumping. Square off in teams of four or five players and then fill each glass with a half-cup of beer. The first person downs the beer, sets the cup upside down on the edge of the table and flips it right side up. Run the relay until everyone on the team has finished; first team to finish wins.   

Lone Star Taps and Caps proudly offers plenty of Texas craft beer for you to play these beer drinking games. We invite you to come in and play everything from Beer Pong to Flip Cup the next time you are ready to have some fun and relax with your friends. 

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