History of the Beer Growler and Crowler

History of the Beer Growler and Crowler - Taps and Caps

A common question we are asked here at Taps and Caps is what are Growlers & Crowlers? Aside from being fun to say, they are essentially vessels used to transport and store draft beer from a keg. The history of the growler itself is somewhat murky and muddled with drunk history about the origin of the amazing vessel that carries our beer! The growler has been around since the start of beer brewing, and the crowler is a more recent addition to the beer-to-go movement. Come in today and get a growler or crowler filled at one of our locations to take it home and enjoy it later!

The Growlerbeer growler - taps and caps

Drunk history tells us that the original growlers were metal pails with a lid that didn’t fit well and allowed the Co2 of the beer to escape. As the beer was carried, it would slosh around, and the term growler may refer to the noise the gas made as it escaped the tin pail. Another theory behind the origin of the name was the exchange that would take place between the bartender pouring the brew and customer who wanted a very full pail, in a sense “growling” to the bartender about it. Another popular theory is that deliveries were usually done just before lunch and since everyone was hungry, their stomachs were “growling” for food and brews! Regardless of the exact origin of the name, the growler has now moved on to a glass re-useable, sealable jug that makes no noise at all and keeps the CO2 inside. The growler has been a staple of the craft brew scene since the beginning and is not going anywhere soon.

Taps & Caps Texas Crowler

The Crowler

The crowler is a single use 16 or 32oz can that is sealed right at the tap instead of on an assembly line in a plant. It is essentially beer canned right as you order for you to enjoy later. We carry all size growlers, and customers can get four 16oz cans for the 64oz price or two 16oz cans for our 32oz price. This means there is no reason why you can’t take your favorite beers to go! The crowler is a more recent addition to the craft brew world and is credited to a brewery from Colorado who started using crowlers back in 2002. A crowler is basically a can style growler, hence the name.

Taps and Caps is your craft beer heaven in the Colony and Fort Worth areas; come in today and get a growler or crowler to go or order one online.

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