History of Beer in Texas

History of Beer in Texas - Taps and Caps

Texas is a heavy-hitter when it comes to beer. From national franchises to the hometown craft breweries, Texas produces some of the best-loved brews around. But what laid the foundation of Texas’ excellent beer culture? To find out, we took a look at the history of beer in Texas.

The Early Years

Before the Civil War, most beers were brewed by private citizens for their own enjoyment. The predominate recipe was brought by English immigrants and didn’t require aging. That all changed with the arrival of German immigrants, however, who brought the artistry of lager beer to the Lone Star State in the 1840s.

The First Lone Star Brewery

Though there have been two establishments by the name – the second of which is still in business to this day – the first Lone Star Brewery was founded in 1883 and is often credited as the true beginning of the brewing business in Texas. Able to compete with the national corporations that were flooding the market, Lone Star Brewery was a commercial success up until the Prohibition.


As you might’ve guessed, the ill-fated experiment that was Prohibition hit the industry pretty hard. Some companies were able to weather the storm by selling sodas or non-alcoholic beer. Many were unable to survive, unfortunately, leaving the market relatively open when Prohibition was appealed in 1933.

Brewery Boom

From the 1960s onward, the beer business took off, leading to the proliferation of big-name brewers. Since the 1990s, however, the focus has shifted to local breweries and craft beers.

Neighborhood Brewery

Craft beer has taken off, with no sign of slowing down. Customers enjoy the experience of a local pub that takes time and effort to make its offerings unique.


New techniques have made IPAs more palatable to the average beer-drinker. As a result, more have been brought into the fold. In fact, IPAs are now the preferred craft style.


Not to be outdone, craft lagers are rising in popularity. Since lager makes up 95 percent of beer available for purchase, there’s a lot of potential for crossover from the mainstream.

Local Favorites

Now that we’ve taken a brief look at the history, let’s fast forward to some of the craft beer available today. If you’re itching for great taste, we recommend you try one or more of the following:

  • TUPPS Brewery: This company believes in tradition enhanced by innovation, and its beer certainly shows it. With a huge selection that ranges from bold stouts to sweet ales, TUPPS has something for everyone.
  • Peticolas Brewing: A family affair, this brewery offers a variety of cleverly named beverages as well as a welcoming taproom atmosphere. If you’re still not sure about visiting, perhaps its many awards will convince you.
  • Lakewood Brewing Co.: Proud to be 100 percent independent, the Lakewood Brewing Company specializes in elevating Belgium beer. It offers both seasonal and year-round flavors, guaranteeing something new and fun throughout the calendar.

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