5 Summer Beers that Soothe the Sizzle of Your Backyard BBQ

Beer and Backyard BBQ_Lonestar Taps and CapsThe rise of the summer sun means blazing temperatures and backyard BBQs throughout Texas. It is tradition here in the Lone Star State, and the team at Lone Star Taps and Caps knows that having the right beer in your hand can cool the heat coming from both the sun and your neighbor’s latest spicy BBQ sauce.

When it comes to the best summer beers in Texas, the following are five we highly recommend including in your cooler throughout the season.

Dogfish Head Festina Peche (4.5% ABV, 8 IBUs)

This summer Berliner Weisse is the exchange student everyone wants to take to the party. One of the few Berliner Weisses in widespread production, it is a sweet tart that will have you puckering up all summer long. This is one of those summer beers that will leave a bittersweet flavor in your mouth that you will look back on fondly throughout the week. 

Good Call Summer Ale (6.3% ABV, 41 IBUs)

Every time you take a sip of this beer, you will experience a range of complex flavors that come together to create a pleasant and unforgettable beverage. As the beer first reaches your taste buds, you will taste rich notes of orange peel and grapefruit. Shortly after, you will experience accents of sweet vanilla and spicy ginger that give the beer a delightful and well-rounded flavor.

Hop Fusion Fiesty Blonde (8.3% ABV, 17 IBUs)

This blonde summer ale beer is ready to party all summer long. Bronzed to absolute perfection and featuring a smooth finish with hints of blossom honey and Mexican vanilla, this is a beer that is smooth and sweet.

Big Bend Hefeweizen (5.6% ABV, 12 IBUs)

Easy to drink and gets along with everything on the plate, this popular party animal is one of the best summer beers out there. It’s full of sugar and spice, and everything that makes a summer night nice and pleasant.

Alltech Rickhouse #3 Rye Barrel Ale (8.2% ABV, 0 IBUs)

Aged in oak rye whiskey barrels, this American Strong Ale beer features hints of spicy black pepper that are tinged with vanilla afternotes. This beer’s light color belies a full-bodied taste that goes great with ribs and relaxation.

We invite you to stop by Lone Star Taps and Caps to discover some great new beers and to try these summer beer styles on for size. Whether you want a light summer shandy or something stronger, we will be happy to help you choose the best summer beer to suit your tastes. 

Feature image: DisobeyArts/Shutterstock

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