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Featured Brewery: TUPPS - Taps & Caps

In most any creative endeavor, there are guidelines one must follow. Guidelines, not rules. The true innovators and game changers know the difference, and when they dare to go outside of the lines and take a risk, the results can be nothing short of incredible.

McKinney’s TUPPS Brewery is a perfect representation of that concept. Craft beer is steeped in tradition and fundamentals, and this brewery honors them all. But that doesn’t stop them from wandering off the beaten path from time to time in search of something a bit different. The men and women behind TUPPS apply their exceptional knowledge of the craft every time they try their hand at making something new. Their approach to the whole process is twofold: First, they adopt an artistic mindset. The ingredients they use come together like watercolors on canvas, and develop into a true work of art. Once that phase is complete, they move on to the scientific aspect of the process… This crew of brewmasters utilize and operate state-of-the-art monitoring devices that help uphold the precision and consistency that great craft breweries are built upon, ensuring perfection in every can and pint glass that bears their name.

You won’t find “art and science” listed on the side of the can with the other ingredients, but trust us, you’ll be sure to recognize the unmistakable taste of both.


One of the most striking things you’ll notice about TUPPS’ starting line-up of brews is their impressive range. These beers vary in so many ways, so no matter what your taste may be, TUPPS has definitely got something you’re sure to love.

For example, casual beer lovers who enjoy something a bit sweeter and lighter will find that TUPPS’ Raspberry Shade is right up their alley. The familiarity of that classic American wheat beer taste is the perfect foundation for the kick of the fresh raspberries. A perfect beer year-round, of course, but in the summertime, it’s even better.

Are you more of an advanced beer lover? A “full grown” one, if you will? Then step up to the plate and try their Stout-Imperial/Double they have aptly named “Full Grown Man.” With an ABV of 11.2% and notes of fruit, tobacco, caramel, and even burnt toast, this beer is as bold as it is dark, yet surprisingly smooth and drinkable.

In fact, “smooth and drinkable” is an excellent descriptor for all the beers TUPPS has to offer.


That wide range that makes their beer selection so fantastic carries over into other facets of how TUPPS does business, most notably in their live events that they host at the brewery quite regularly. Live bands, local stand-up comics, and killer Texas food trucks take the stage and set up camp at TUPPS on a regular basis. There’s even free yoga classes they are known to host on some mornings in case you feel like loosening up and aligning your chakras before you get into some day drinking.

All this, plus a dog-friendly beer garden. It’s safe to say, these TUPPS people know how to have one awesome time.

The Brewery

The home base for TUPPS is just as one-of-a-kind as their beer selection and local, live entertainment. In 2015, founders Keith Lewis and Tupper Patnode acquired The Cotton Mill, the historic McKinney events center that at one time housed the world’s largest denim factory. The 15,000 square foot establishment pays respect to the style that made The Cotton Mill so beloved, while also adding in their own personal, little artistic touches.

Seems to be TUPPS’ M.O., doesn’t it? Pay respect to what was, while also looking forward to learning what can be. It’s that kind of mindset that’s made this craft brewery a real force to be reckoned with here in the Texas craft brewing scene.

Here at Lone Star Taps & Caps, we proudly offer TUPPS’ line of incredible brews on tap, right here at both our Lewisville and Fort Worth locations.

Stop by today for a pint and discover what your new favorite brewery has to offer, or even pick up one of our growlers or 16oz crowlers to go. The cans are amazingly convenient and TOTALLY free! The beer prices make it super cheap to take home multiple cans of the same beer as the 64oz price will get you four cans to go, and the 32oz price will get you two.

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