Featured Brewery: Roughtail Brewing Company

Featured Brewery: Roughtail Brewing Company - Taps and Caps

No matter how intense and historic a rivalry may seem, there are certain commonalities that will always bridge the gap and keep things peaceful, like a good beer, for example. So, when we here at Taps & Caps sing the praises of a craft brewery from the state of (gasp) Oklahoma, you know that brewery is serving up something pretty impressive.

Movin’ On Up

Midwest City’s Roughtail Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by Blaine Stansel and Tony Tielli, and to say they’ve grown a lot in those six years is a bit of an understatement. Things have been going well enough to merit a move to a bigger and better facility this summer, which will allow the Roughtail gang to potentially produce nearly 50,000 barrels per year, right in their brand new 20,000 square feet home.

What’s On Tap?

Roughtail’s goal is to create “beer with character,” and based on what they have on the lineup, they’re achieving that goal nicely. Take their flagship brew, for example. Their Everything Rhymes with Orange  Unfiltered IPA rides the line between bitter and smooth and a healthy 6.5% ABV. Looking for something a bit heavier? Schedule an appointment with the “Hoptometrist.” This American Double IPA, with its 9% ABV and extreme hops taste, is guaranteed to be unforgettable. If smooth is what you’re after, we prescribe the “Little Blue Pils.” The light hop flavor and crisp, clean taste make this their most drinkable option by far.

Come On In!

It makes sense that the people who strive to brew “beer with character” would be downright friendly and personable, as evidenced by the brewery tours that they provide for those who want to learn more about Roughtail Brewing Company. Patrons receive an hour-long class on the history of Roughtail, the chemistry of brewing, and even a social studies lesson on the evolution of Oklahoma’s alcohol laws.

All that knowledge, plus four beer samples. Who would have thought education could taste so good?

Here at Lone Star Taps & Caps, we proudly offer Roughtail’s line of killer brews on tap, right here at both our Lewisville and Fort Worth locations. Stop by today and let us pour you a pint. Or better yet, let us fill you up a growler that you can take home and share with all your pals. Who knows, it might just give you all the perfect excuse for that Oklahoma road trip you’ve been considering.

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