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The impressive array of brews offered up by McKinney’s TUPPS Brewery truly cover a wide range. From their Raspberry Shade all the way down to their illustrious Full Grown Man stout, everyone is sure to find their own personal taste somewhere amongst the TUPPS line-up.

IPA’s have been gaining popularity since the craft brewing craze started. As time went on, breweries began tweaking and fine-tuning the classic IPA recipe in an effort to make this already popular brew even more popular. TUPPS’ take on the IPA is a stand-out among the pack.

Double Dry Hopped IPA

Their DDH (Double Dry Hopped) IPA takes the IPA’s most distinctive trait and absolutely takes it up a notch. India Pale Ales are known for their bold hops taste as it is. When British soldiers were stationed in India, they craved the taste of home. Early attempts to transport barrels of ale from the United Kingdom to India didn’t produce the results the soldiers were hoping for. By the time the ale made it to them, its taste had taken quite a beating, and the young Brits were left with a stale, poor quality version of their favorite drink.

How do you solve a problem like that? Well, you add more hops, of course. The hops actually acted as a preservative, and by the time the ale got to India, it still had the fresh taste the soldiers were longing for. Back home in the UK, brewers offered up the hoppy concoction to bar patrons, and what once was a drink made out of wartime necessity became a taproom staple.


Given that information, it may seem like doubling up the hops on a beer already known for being on the far end of that spectrum might sound like too much of a good thing, but leave it to the brewmasters at TUPPS to prove that theory wrong. By adding twice the amount of Mosaic, Citra, and Galaxy hops, TUPPS has created a smooth, drinkable brew that keeps the bitterness low and the aroma high, with a solid ABV of 7.2%. While it makes for a good fall beer, just like any other IPA would, its fruity, citrusy taste earns it a place at a summer cookout or springtime get-together.

Find TUPPS DDH IPA at Taps & Caps

We proudly serve up this one-of-a-kind take on the IPA here at our Fort Worth and Lewisville locations. Visit our site to order online or stop into Lone Star Taps & Caps today and have yourself a pint of DDH IPA. After one taste, you’re sure to take a growler of this hopped-up masterpiece home with you.

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