Featured Beer: Roughtail Brewing Company – Everything Rhymes With Orange

Featured Beer: Roughtail Brewing's Everything Rhymes With Orange - Taps & Caps

Alright, so literally speaking, maybe not EVERYTHING rhymes with “orange.” Or anything, when you really think about it. But despite this, oranges themselves have been proven to be quite versatile. Their flavor can be found in most anything that can actually be flavored, including beer.

But just because other beer companies have learned to put two and two together, don’t let that give you the impression that the whole “oranges in beer” thing has been done to death. All it takes is one unique example from an innovative brewery to change our perception, and we think Roughtail Brewing Company’s “Everything Rhymes With Orange” does that nicely.

ERWO Flavor Profile

This year-round offering actually falls into the IPA category and brings a 6.5% ABV and a 65 IBU to the table. This unfiltered, hazy, opaque brew rides the line between the two worlds of bitter and smooth, providing a smooth citrusy taste with a bold, hoppy bite. The result is a sort of “juicy IPA,” one that’s sweet enough for summer but robust enough for the winter.

“Everything Rhymes With Orange” is full of complexities, but the biggest complexity of all would be that there are actually no oranges used in the brewing process. That distinct orange taste and aroma is actually the result of the hops used, which include Simcoe hops providing the lead vocals and Citra and Mosaic on drums and bass. Just another example of how the crew at the Roughtail Brewing Company is able to make something that is far more than the sum of its parts.

Everything Rhymes with Orange Proudly Served at Taps and Caps

Here at Lonestar Taps & Caps, we proudly pour this awesome brew at both our Fort Worth and Lewisville locations. Stop in today and enjoy a draft, or have us fill up a growler or crowler that you can take home and share with your neighborhood brew crew. And as always, we offer online ordering for those of you that might be a little out of the way.

Orange you glad we made this so convenient for you? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

Photo: Joshua Rainey Photography/Shutterstock

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