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Featured Beer: Deep Ellum Lager - Taps and CapsThose Deep Ellum Brewing boys certainly march to the beat of their own keg. In their never-ending quest to make beer great again, they’ve brought IPA’s, stouts, ales, and more up a notch. (Some might argue that it’s several notches, in fact.)

You can taste it in every one of their brews. You’ll notice a remarkable lack of cut corners and mediocre quality, and an abundance of rich, bold, full flavor. What you’re tasting is the effort that excellent craft brewing is built on. When you care about what you’re doing, that resonates.

Their best example of this would have to be Deep Ellum Lager.

Throwback American Lager

Deep Ellum describes their lager as a “Throwback American Lager,” and that could not be more appropriate. Inside every can of this 20 IBU and 4.8% ABV brew is the bold flavor of rye malt and hops straight from the Czech Republic. This golden, smooth, light bodied brew presents an earthy, floral aroma, with a rich, malty taste takes the familiar feeling of your standard American lagers and brings to a bold new frontier. Whether you’re a craft brew connoisseur or just a casual beer lover, this lager is sure to leave you impressed.

In order to achieve Deep Ellum Lager’s full potential, we suggest serving it in our 16 oz tulip as we do at our craft beer bars in Lewisville and Fort Worth. The wider mouth helps accentuate the aroma and gives your senses a full-court press. And really, what could be more American than taking something great and cranking it up to the max?

In keeping with that spirit, might we recommend a growler of this fine lager? If you really want to go big before you go home, stop by either of our Lone Star Taps & Caps locations today and pick up your Deep Ellum Lager in the aforementioned glass monster known as the growler. Or if you’re looking to pace yourself, there’s always the six pack option. Either way, you owe it to yourself to win one for Uncle Sam by picking up this new American classic today.

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