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History and the Beers

Whoever coined the phrase, “you can’t please everybody,” has obviously never heard of The Collective Brewing Project. Founded by friends Ryan Deyo and Mike Goldfuss, and located near downtown Fort Worth, this brewery serves up a wide array of craft beers that appeal to the vast spectrum of beer lovers. Those who are considered to be craft beer connoisseurs are sure to enjoy their unique and daring offerings, such as the sweet, minty taste of their Joose Stand: Strawberry Mint, or the hoppy kick of Brett SMaSHY, their American IPA. Then there’s their Cup o’ Beer. Lime, ginger lemongrass, and seaweed cured sea salt come together to make this Ramen beer a true standout. You heard right. This beer is made from ramen noodles. (How did that combo not come up before? You’d think since both items are so prevalent in college dorms, someone would have put two and two together, right?)

Looking for something a bit more healthy? Then order up a pint of Matcha Do About Nothing, an IPA made with matcha green tea and spirulina. True fans of The Collective certainly come for the old favorites, but they stay for these seasonal choices that make each taproom visit different from the last.


But the beers are just one aspect of The Collective Brewing Project. Month after month, this brewery hosts events that celebrate the craft beer culture and bring members of the community together for a drink or two. The uninitiated are encouraged to attend one of the brewery’s informative and engaging Craft Beer Chats to learn more about the ins and outs of ales and stouts. Want to support local businesses while drinking a one-of-a-kind craft beer? Be sure to show up every last Saturday of the month for the Collective Pop-Up Shop, where local vendors peddle their wares right inside the taproom. The Collective even hits the road sometimes to represent the DFW craft brewing scene at competitions and festivals, such as Indianapolis’ Upland Sour Festival, taking place this April. (Good luck out there, guys. Show them how Texas does it.)

The Takeover

And speaking of lands beyond Fort Worth, you can find The Collective’s killer selection of beers out in the wild. Not only do they have the greater Texas area on lock, but markets such as California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma are also very familiar with The Collective. There are 45 more states in this great country of ours, and we suspect that in time each of them will offer up this eclectic line of unique brews. Our advice? Don’t be the person who hops on the bandwagon too late in the season. Familiarize yourself with The Collective Brewing Project now so you can reserve the right to one day say “Oh, The Collective? Yeah, I’ve been into them since before it was cool to like them.”

This eventual coast-to-coast takeover would not have been possible without help from Shelton Brothers, a renowned importer, and exporter of fine beer. Although Shelton Brothers typically focus on bringing European beer into the States, they have occasionally teamed with U.S. breweries, provided that those breweries hold themselves to high standards of quality and take risks to create craft brews that are incomparable and unique. The Collective certainly hits both those marks, and the fact that Shelton Brothers took notice certainly speaks volumes.


So we mentioned the beer made from ramen earlier. Well, let’s take it up a notch or two. Or nine.

This Easter season, we here at Lonestar Taps & Caps are joining forces with the brave men and women of the Collective Brewing Project to bring you a sour ale that you’ll definitely want in this year’s Easter basket. “Peep this Colab” is a joint venture/labor of love that is made from, you guessed it, Peeps. Yes, those Peeps. The ubiquitous Easter candy that rises up every March and April. Those seasonal marshmallow treats aren’t just for kids anymore.

Peep This Colab is also made from vanilla and butterfly pea flower, which leaves the brew with a distinct purple hue. A sour ale made from Peeps that looks like a Prince album cover. Pretty unique, right? Well, hold on, we’re not done.

Two words: edible glitter.

After all, shouldn’t beer be fun?

We encourage you to stop by one of our Taps & Caps locations to experience the taste of The Collective firsthand. Craft brewing is at it’s best when it takes risks while still honoring fundamental traditions, and we can honestly say The Collective Brewing Project pulls off both of those ideals flawlessly. Plus, with the vast variety of choices they have to offer, you’re sure to find the right brew for you and your crew!

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