How to Decipher Beer Labels, Terms and Colors

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Learning the language of beer, including¬†how to read beer bottle labels, will go a long way toward¬†enhancing your enjoyment of craft beer. Learning everything from why are beer bottles are different colors¬†to what an IPA is (it’s an India Pale Ale) will help you choose the perfect beer for your [...]

American Craft Beer Week Feature – Lakewood Brewing Co.

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Photo via Its Friday¬†May 19th, and we’ve reached the end of our American Craft Beer Week spotlight series. To wrap¬†it all up, we had a chat¬†with VP of Sales for DFW’s own Lakewood Brewing, Jeremiah Wallis. We caught¬†Jeremiah¬†on a rare vacation day and asked to hear his thoughts about [...]

American Craft Beer Week Feature – Armadillo Ale Works

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It’s¬†May 18th, Thursday of American Craft Beer Week and for today’s feature, we delve into the story of one seriously determined local brewery: Denton’s Armadillo Ale Works. Their new production brewery is set to open later this year and we managed to take a tour with Customer Service Liaison Will [...]

American Craft Beer Week Wednesday with Founders Brewing

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Happy Hump Day! We’ve reached Wednesday of American Craft Beer Week and to celebrate, we take a short break from our industry interviews & spotlights to kick our feet up and drink some of our¬†favorite limited-release Founders Brewing Co. beers. Today, at 6PM, each of our three locations will tap up two of Founders’ fantastic¬†barrel-aged [...]

American Craft Beer Week Feature – HopFusion’s Feisty Blonde

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It’s May 16th, and that means we’ve arrived at¬†the second day of¬†American Craft Beer Week! For today’s feature, we¬†turned to some of our favorite craft beer industry insiders, our own Taps & Caps employees, to find out what local beers they’re excited about. Though a myriad of local offerings¬†piqued our employees’ interest, one brew in [...]

American Craft Beer Week Feature – Cobra Brewing Co.

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Today is May 15th, and while, to most folks, it may just be an inconspicuous Monday, we at Taps & Caps know it as the start of American Craft Beer Week. In preparation for this wonderful week, we hit the streets of DFW to have a few beers and chat with some of our favorite [...]