Beer of the Month: Manhattan Project Half-Life

//Beer of the Month: Manhattan Project Half-Life

Beer of the Month: Manhattan Project Half-Life

Manhattan Project - Half-life - Taps & CapsThere are beers you drink and forget about, and then there are beers that explode with so much flavor in your mouth that they linger on your lips and memory long after the glass is empty. At Lone Star Taps & Caps, one such beer that we offer is Manhattan Project’s Half-Life.

We’re happy to give this fantastic brew a glowing recommendation because it radiates flavor with every sip. It is one of our team’s favorite Texas craft beers, and we drink so much of it when we’re off the clock that our stock of Half-Life has a half-life that can be measured in just a few days.

Pouring Over the Details

Manhattan Project’s Half Life is a complex IPA that delivers an unparalleled level of flavor in every sip. The gentle aroma wafting through the foam spilling over the top of the glass is a warning that the beer is about to burst with excitement. It starts with the gentle taste of citrus that quickly evolves into the essence of stone fruit and pine.

It is among the best Texas craft beers because as the aroma and flavor combine, they create a flavorful experience that won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. At 6% ABV, it is a solid beer that compares well with other IPAs in its class.

The Manhattan Project’s Story

What began as a hobby became a calling for Karl and Misty Sanford and their conspirator Jeremy Brodt. Pooling their resources and ideas, this triumvirate of creativity put their heads together to create some truly fabulous microbrews.

Using science as their guiding light, The Manhattan Project’s first of 27 award-winning beers was the Hoppenheimer, which is a crowd favorite you won’t want to turn your nose up at. In fact, we’re quite certain that if Oppy was around today, he’d tip that yellow hat of his and raise a glass or two to the fabulous research and innovative ideas the company is bringing into the world of Texas craft beer making.

Lone Star Taps & Caps

Lone Star Taps & Caps sells plenty of Texas craft beers that are smart and sassy, just like the Manhattan Project’s Half-Life. If you love Texas craft beer, we invite you to drop in and pull up a seat so you can sample some of the finest beers this side of Los Alamos.

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