7 Biggest Myths About Beer Busted

//7 Biggest Myths About Beer Busted

7 Biggest Myths About Beer Busted

7 Beer Myths Busted - Taps & CapsThere are many myths and legends about beer that have been shared over the years. The next time you and your friends share stories about suds, keep an ear open for these tall tales that might blow your way across the bar.

  1. “Ice-Cold is the Only Way to Serve Beer!”

This one is absolutely not true and most beers in Fort Worth, Denton, Lewisville and the rest of the world over taste best between 40 and 55 degrees because when it is ice-cold the liquid numbs the palate and puts the taste buds to sleep.

  1. “Beer Put the Spare Tire Around My Belly!”

Maybe… but probably not. While too much of anything can cause a person to gain weight, the reality is that as people age, their ability to process carbohydrates and other foods diminishes, which leads to weight gain.

  1. “Bottles are Better than Cans”

This myth dates back quite a while and stems from the fact that exposure to ultraviolet light can ruin the flavor. The truth is there is no noticeable difference in taste or quality from a canned beer or a bottled beer.

  1. “Dark-Colored Beers are Heavy and Tasteless!”

There are many varieties of ales and lagers, and not all dark beers are heavy. Some, including scrumptious Baltic porters and German dopplebocks, are full of delicious flavor.

  1. “Light and Oxygen Ruin the Integrity of Beer Faster Than Temperature”

Air and light are slow-acting agents of change, but temperature moves fast and affects everything it engulfs as it starts to rise. Beer should be stored in the upper 30s to low 40s to maintain its maximum flavor.

  1. “Beer Doesn’t Age Well”

If the right beer is stored properly, this one is absolutely as false as Betty White’s teeth. Proper cellaring requires making sure that the light, temperature and oxygen flow are carefully monitored and controlled at all times. Bottles are best for storage, but crowlers and cans can be aged as well.

  1. “Beer Before Liquor…”

We all know the rest of the beer-before-liquor saying, but very few of us know the truth behind it. Drinking beer before liquor won’t actually make you sicker than drinking liquor before beer; it will just allow you to get drunk faster! The carbonation opens up your blood vessels, which enables your body to absorb alcohol at a faster rate. So if your goal is to get tipsy quickly, starting with a beer isn’t a bad idea after all.

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