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Best Breweries Near Dallas - Taps & Caps

Are you on the prowl for crowlers or growlers near Dallas? Texas is home to some of the best craft beer in America. In honor of the Lone Star State, here are five great breweries in the DFW area.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

If you’re on the hunt for quality, the Deep Ellum Brewing Company shares your passion. Specifically created to combat what its founders saw as a disregard for uniqueness and good taste, this brewery focuses on developing big flavors and a community enthusiastic about innovation.

The brewery team at Deep Ellum Brewing Company isn’t afraid to break the mold with creative taste pairings, such as:

  • Deep Ellum Lager: This brew possesses both floral and earthy tones, courtesy of a mix of malt and Czech Republic hops.
  • Port Barrel-Aged Darkest Hour: This imperial stout is a perfect marriage of wine’s fruit-laced flavors and the richer coconut, tobacco, and chocolate notes.
  • No Way Rosé: This southwestern rosé ale embodies the taste of the desert with mesquite honey, rhubarb, and sweet prickly pear.

With an amazing selection of brews, Deep Ellum Brewing Company is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for craft beer near Dallas.

Bishop Cider Co.

Bishop Cider Co. is a brewery made for people who prefer a side of fun with their cider. You can enjoy their year-round flavors or seasonal options while playing one of their 165 available arcade games. Yes, you heard that right – the Bishop Cider Co.’s Cidercade is a place to drink and get your game on with full-sized arcade machines.

The founders of this craft brewery started their business venture after realizing that none of the existing ciders they tried were truly satisfying. This resulted in robust beverages you can savor, such as:

  • The OG: The original craft cider with a pure apple taste.
  • Apple Pineapple: This cider packs a hefty pineapple punch.
  • Crackberry: With its tongue-in-cheek name, the Crackberry cider mixes blackberry and cranberry to create a best-selling refreshment.

If you’re in search of something more exclusive, certain Bishop Cider Co. ciders are only available on tap for a limited time.

Lakewood Brewing Company

This family-owned brewery digs deep into its roots to produce phenomenal ale, lager, stouts, and more. Influenced by the founder’s Belgian heritage, these brews are great for enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect balance between American and Belgian-style beer.

A relatively new company only open since 2012, Lakewood Brewing Company has nevertheless managed to create some truly iconic beverages, including:

  • The Temptress: This imperial milk stout is a luscious mix of chocolate and caramel.
  • Lakewood Lager: The perfect balance between sweet and bitter may make this a favorite with lovers of Vienna-style lager.
  • Lakewood IPA: Prepare your taste buds – this IPA is a true tropical medley with notes of mango, citrus, and papaya.

If you’re looking to diversify your beer tastes, the Lakewood Brewing Company’s craft beer is for you. Let their carefully curated flavors introduce you to the wonders of the old world and its rich history of brewing.

Texas Ale Project

You could call this brewery a “passion project” between a husband and wife team, jumpstarted with the help of a local entrepreneur. A veteran-owned business, this brewery utilizes multi-step mash brewing to create the exact taste and clarity their customers have come to expect.

With both seasonal and year-round offerings, the Texas Ale Project has a little something for everybody, such as:

  • Texas Blood: This IPA is flavored with blood orange and is available to brighten any day of the year.
  • Oaty McOatface: This fall/winter-exclusive oatmeal stout may be named after an internet joke, but its honey and chocolate taste is nothing to laugh at.
  • Fire Ant Funeral: Seven different malts are used to create this amber ale you can enjoy all year.

The team at Texas Ale Project are dedicated to keeping in touch with their community, which means excellent customer service and an open ear regarding consumer feedback.

Braindead Brewing

Serving drinks isn’t enough for Braindead Brewing – this company has decided to go all-in with a hearty menu in addition to phenomenal beer. Stop by for lunch or brunch to taste some amazing cuisine.

The atmosphere is casual, where anyone looking for quality beer is welcome. The brewery workings are visible from the dining area, letting customers feel included in the brewing process. This company’s dedication to quality has produced a number of beloved beverages, including:

  • Gritz: This blonde ale is highly recommended to new beer drinkers and achieves maximum drinkability with a light, creamy taste.
  • Foreign Export Stout:You’re in for a rich mix of currants, coffee, and dark chocolate when you choose this brew.
  • Bushels ‘n’ Brussels: Discover the taste of summer with this Belgian ale’s notes of apricot and peach.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat along with your beer, Braindead Brewing strives to be your number one choice.

Can’t choose which of these breweries near Dallas to visit? Lone Star Taps & Caps serves beer, ciders, and ales from all these breweries and more. Take a look at what we offer online and don’t be shy to stop by to fill up a growler or crowler at our Lewisville (The Colony) location or our Fort Worth location.

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