Best Breweries In DFW

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is home to a wide range of original, craft beers developed by top-quality breweries. From the colorful heart of Deep Ellum to up north in Sherman, this part of Texas is the ultimate place for tasting great new beers. Below, we’ve listed some of the best suppliers of craft beer in Dallas-Fort Worth to add to your map.

Manhattan Project Beer Company

The mad scientists at this clever brewery create some of the most original, world-class beers of today. These crafty connoisseurs offer their own unique take on just about everything from coffee stouts to creamy pina colada IPAs. This company’s love for craft beer is proven with every explosive flavor they conjure up. Memorable, award-winning beers like these truly show off this company’s creativity and dedication to the art of making great beverages including:

  • Necessary Evil: This great brew offers a classic, crispy Pilsner taste with a unique touch of floral character.
  • Half-Life: This crowd favorite IPA is not bitter by any means; it’s crisp and light for that amazing, citrusy taste.

Oak Cliff Brewing Co.

Oak Cliff is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dallas with plenty of history and culture to show for it. This home-grown brewing company has generations of roots planted in the area, and that dedication and passion shines with every beer including:

  • Hefeweizen: Try diving head first into this soft, delightful experience. This unforgettable German Hefeweizen blends flavors of banana and bubblegum.

With decades of combined experience and a genuine knack for all things craft beer, Oak Cliff Brewing Co.makes an impressive and varied menu of clean lagers and ales. Don’t miss out on a visit to their Biergarten-styled taproom in Tyler Station featuring murals from local artist Jeff Rogers.

Peticolas Brewing Company

Take one look at this company’s event schedule, and you know you’ve found one of the most exciting taprooms in Texas. The company offers regular brewery tours, game nights, and community events on top of a diverse menu of beers including:

  • The Velvet Hammer: This is an award-winning strong ale with a swirl of meticulously crafted flavors that pack a punch.
  • Don’t Call it a Cola: This Scottish ale has characteristics of cream soda, root beer, and even Dr. Pepper; but don’t call it a cola.

Every product from Peticolas Brewing Company is designed to perfection down to their famous logo.

Celestial Beerworks

The creative minds behind this mystical brewery combine contemporary art, the world of science, and great tasting beer into one convenient package. The company makes a dynamic menu of ales, New England IPAs, and more including:

  • Kepler: This brew will give you a taste of the stars. This IPA is smooth and tropical with a clean, golden radiance.

Drop by for an orbit around the taproom or join in on one of their yoga-filled Stretch & Sip Saturdays. The company also hosts a B.Y.O.V. every Sunday. Bring your favorite vinyl to The Sunday Spins for music, beer, and community.

The Collective Brewing Project

From adult spelling bees to weekly disc golf, this brewing company knows how to have a good time with friends and neighbors. This down-to-earth team of talented brewers offers one of the best selections of beers for different kinds of tasters at all levels of their craft beer journey including:

  • Fantastikolsch: This is a flavorful, light Pilsner malt with a crisp, citrusy finish.
  • German Spa Day: For an ultimate refresher, this cucumber lime Berliner Weisse keeps you cool on a hot, Texas afternoon.

The company also hosts a Collective Bottle Project membership club that features exclusive access to parties, collective glasses, discounts, and more.

Pegasus City Brewery

This cozy brewery is small but makes a lasting impression. The friendly team and relaxing atmosphere make this taproom a great place to visit with friends and family. The company is also known for their unforgettable special and season releases including:

  • Imperial Sixth Floor: This is a medium-bodied, American porter-style beer with plenty of flavor and class.
  • The Woofus: Named after a mysterious hybrid animal art installation, you’ll have to catch a sip of this creamy, one-of-a-kind ale.

To sip on their full menu, stop by the taproom on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for $4 pints! Don’t forget to grab a cheese plate. Oh, and one last thing. They were named Best Local Brewery in the Best of Dallas by the Dallas Observer.

Bishop Cider Co.

The cider available in Texas was terrible, so founders, Joel and Laura Malone, started making cider at home. With no sugar added and gluten-free and vegan-friendly, these ciders are widely accepted by everyone, and you can find Bishop Cider Co. available across all of Texas.

  • The OG: The Original Gangster, or OG, is the most famous. According to Joel, “This is the one that started it all in (our) tiny kitchen. Not sweet, not dry, just right. Sometimes the classics are exactly that.”

Be sure to check out the Cidercade too. This warehouse is home to an arcade with over 150 games and 24 ciders on draft. Plus, the games are all free after you pay a $10 cover.

Next time you find yourself eager to fill your growlers and crowlers in Dallas-Fort Worth, stop by Lone Star Taps & Caps and see the vast array of unique drinks we have in store. Contact us with questions, get directions to one of our DFW locations, or order from our wide selection of beers online.

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