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What is the Difference Between Light Beer and Dark Beer?

2018-09-28T16:20:16+00:00 Categories: Craft Beer|

Whether it’s turkey or beer, some like it light¬†and some like it dark. The debate over dark beer vs. light beer can get rather intense. Beyond color, few people know what is the difference between light and dark beer and why each have their distinctive aromas and flavors.¬† […]

A Brief History Lesson: How Craft Beer First Began in the U.S.

2018-04-18T20:54:57+00:00 Categories: Craft Beer|

The craft brew sensation is upon us and it has many people wondering about the history of beer in America. The truth is that beer itself has a long and storied past, but the history of microbreweries is particularly interesting. This quick history lesson will certainly help you impress all of your craft brew [...]

Learn How to Impress Your Friends with Beer and Food Pairings

2018-04-18T20:26:21+00:00 Categories: Craft Beer|

First impressions are meant to be memorable, and when you learn how to make a delicious beer and food pairing, the results can be absolutely unforgettable. Practice makes perfect, and here is a short beer and food pairings guide filled with some of the best craft beers to pair up [...]

What is the Typical Beer Brewing Process?

2018-04-11T21:37:47+00:00 Categories: Craft Beer|Tags: , , |

Discovering the mystery behind the beer brewing process in Texas is less about uncovering magical recipes and more about learning the science that goes into every¬†pour from the tap. For anyone who has ever wondered how to brew beer, the secrets we are happy to share really aren’t that secret. [...]