American Craft Beer Week Feature – HopFusion’s Feisty Blonde

//American Craft Beer Week Feature – HopFusion’s Feisty Blonde

American Craft Beer Week Feature – HopFusion’s Feisty Blonde

It’s May 16th, and that means we’ve arrived at the second day of American Craft Beer Week!

For today’s feature, we turned to some of our favorite craft beer industry insiders, our own Taps & Caps employees, to find out what local beers they’re excited about.

Though a myriad of local offerings piqued our employees’ interest, one brew in particular came up in so many conversations that we had to take a deeper look: HopFusion’s Feisty Blonde.

We asked Lewisville bartender/goofball Eric Hawkins to tell us what’s so special about the beer. Here’s what he had to say.

I’ve gotta be honest…I’m not usually a big fan of blonde ales. I tend to gravitate toward the bigger, more robust beers: Juicy IPAs, hopped-up pale ales, punchy sours. I think that’s why I was so surprised by the Feisty Blonde.

For those who may not have tried the Feisty Blonde, it’s an unfiltered honey vanilla blonde ale.

HopFusion has done something pretty special here. I think I’ve taken a growler home just about every time we’ve tapped it.

Before the beer even hits your lips, you get this great bready vanilla aroma that reminds me of a fresh bread pudding. The beer is sweet, but not too sweet, most likely because it sits at just over 8% ABV, which I think is great. Blonde and golden ales like this usually hover around 4-5%, so that extra alcohol lends a nice heft to the brew. Add in the touch of citrus that you get from the orange blossom honey and you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty beer. It strikes a really nice balance.

Grab a few crowlers, take them out the pool or the hot tub, and thank me later. Hahaha!

HopFusion Ale Works

HopFusion Ale Works is located at 200 E Broadway Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas, TX 76104. The brewery & taproom offers some pretty awesome views of Downtown Fort Worth from their spacious patio. Check out the website here for hours and more info! If you can’t make the drive, your local Taps & Caps features a variety of HopFusion’s tasty brews, including Feisty Blonde, on our constantly rotating tap wall. Come have a pint and let us know what you think!

Keep up with the latest happenings at the brewery by clicking on each of these links for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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