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Featured Beer: Roughtail Brewing Company – Everything Rhymes With Orange

2018-09-27T18:21:33+00:00 Categories: Featured Beer|

Alright, so literally speaking, maybe not EVERYTHING rhymes with “orange.” Or anything, when you really think about it. But despite this, oranges themselves have been proven to be quite versatile. Their flavor can be found in most anything that can actually be flavored, including beer. But just because other beer companies have learned to [...]

Featured Brewery: Roughtail Brewing Company

2018-09-27T18:25:40+00:00 Categories: Brewery Spotlight|

No matter how intense and historic a rivalry may seem, there are certain commonalities that will always bridge the gap and keep things peaceful, like a good beer, for example. So, when we here at Taps & Caps sing the praises of a craft brewery from the state of (gasp) Oklahoma, you know that [...]

August 2018

History of the Beer Growler and Crowler

2018-08-21T21:24:42+00:00 Categories: Craft Beer|

A common question we are asked here at Taps and Caps is what are Growlers & Crowlers? Aside from being fun to say, they are essentially vessels used to transport and store draft beer from a keg. The history of the growler itself is somewhat murky and muddled with drunk history about the origin [...]