7 Refreshing Beers That Put a “Spring” in Your Step

//7 Refreshing Beers That Put a “Spring” in Your Step

7 Refreshing Beers That Put a “Spring” in Your Step

Most Refreshing Beers in Texas - Lonestar Taps & Caps

Warmer weather means blooms and blossoms. It also means that it is the perfect time to sit back and relax with an ice-cold beer with friends and family. We previously listed the most popular craft beers in Texas, but the following are some of the most refreshing beers to enjoy as the spring sun shoos away the winter doldrums.

Bitter Sisters – Family Trip (10.1% ABV – Belgian Tripel)

Despite the name, the sisters from Addison, Texas have delivered a fabulously fruity and fun drink you won’t want turn up your nose at. It is the perfect drink to enjoy with light meals or desserts because of the cleansing nature of the finish on a large Belgian Tripel. The body of this beer is sweet, which makes it a great way to finish a beautiful spring day.

Live Oak – HefeWeizen (5.2% ABV – 12 IBUs)

Available all year, this Austin, Texas beer is best enjoyed during the spring when the golden color of the beer matches the sunshine outside. The beer has a solid head on its glass – and each sip offers a hint of cloves, along with the classic American Hefe yeast bubble gum flavor. You’ll also notice the gentle wheat and earthy notes of bitterness that create a balanced and delicious American Hefeweizen.

Martin House – Hibiscus Saison (7.7% ABV – 29 IBUs)

This Fort Worth, Texas native is a lighter colored beer that pours ruby red into the glass and leaves a refreshing scent of lavender and floral aromas in the air. These Hibiscus flowers create the ruby red color, help to balance out the dryness, and add a slight tartness similar to cranberry juice – making it ideal for a warm spring afternoon.

Bell’s – Oarsman (4.0% ABV – Sour)

Nothing signals springtime like the first day you walk outside and see all the flowers in full bloom. And what better way is there to enjoy that beautiful view than with a unique and unforgettable beer from Bell’s Brewing? Known as one of the premier craft breweries in the United States, Bell’s Brewing is now distributing their beers to the great state of Texas – including the famous Oarsman. This German-style, sour-mash session wheat ale is an authentic sour that doesn’t overpower the palate. And at 4.0% ABV, it can be enjoyed all day long.

Avery Brewing – Liliko’i Kepolo (5.4% ABV – 10 IBUs)

This year-round, Colorado passionfruit wit-bier will be one of the most extraordinary beers you taste during any season. It’s bright yellow-orange color will remind you of the warm spring sun everyone has been desperate to see all winter long. Liliko’i Kepolo has very unique and fruity aromas, and there’s almost no fruit you won’t taste in this beer. Is this a beer, or a delicious fruit smoothie reincarnated as a beer? Grab one today and be the judge!

Manhattan Project – Half Life (6.2% ABV – 33 IBUs)

Dallas’s very own Manhattan Project produces some of the highest quality hand-crafted beers, but Half Life is arguably their best spring beer. This unfiltered North Eastern style IPA is so balanced that both hop heads and people new to the craft beer scene will love it. The beer embodies the floral aromas and citrus flavors of the best IPAs, and it packs the complex fruity and pine flavors that beer lovers have come to associate with the style. However, this beer doesn’t overpower with bitterness, and it finishes more like a wheat beer. As a result, it makes all Texans happy to drink local.

Austin Eastcider’s – Pineapple Cider (5.0% ABV – Cider)

Austin Eastcider’s philosophy is “You wouldn’t want to make a wine with table grapes from the store, so why would you produce a cider with the same type of apples?” The result? A drier, smoother, more complex cider flavor created from blending multiple types of apples. While it’s not technically a beer, the Pineapple Cider is still an outstanding option during the spring. The sweet pineapple and apple flavors blend nicely for a dry and crisp springtime beverage. And just in case you were wondering, it’s not overpoweringly pineapple in the aroma or flavor. On the contrary, it’s just right.

Taps and Caps has some the best beers to drink in the spring all lined up on tap and ready to pour. We invite you to stop by to enjoy these marvelous craft beers in Texas with your friends and family. All you have to do is pull up a seat and we’ll be happy to get you a glass of something you’ll love! Check out our online order feature that’ll let you browse your favorites and pick up in Lewisville or Fort Worth to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

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