5 Most Popular Craft Beers in Texas

//5 Most Popular Craft Beers in Texas

5 Most Popular Craft Beers in Texas

Most Popular Craft Beer in Texas - Taps & CapsThere’s plenty of beer flowing in Texas these days. As craft breweries across the state of Texas gear up production to keep up with the skyrocketing demand, the following are five fantastic beers that we’re definitely ordering more of. Without a doubt, they are among the most popular craft beers we have in stock.

Live Oak – HefeWeizen

This Texas-based brew is kissed by the sun and is served with a nice hint of clove and cinnamon in every glass. The taste is refreshing and the aftertaste is positively delightful. It goes great with seafood, light salads and sweet desserts.

Armadillo Ale Works – Dapper Apple

This beer moves quickly, so you will want to grab it when you find it. It has a sharp, crisp taste of green apples perfectly blended with hops that are second to none. We like it for its delicious, but not overpowering, citrus notes. This pleasant refreshment pairs well with pizza, burgers and desserts.

Noble Rey – Sex in a Canoe

A light lager, this beer will definitely cool you off after a long day and won’t ever leave you hot under the collar. It’s a great beer to have at the end of the workday, and its simple yet satisfying flavor will make it your go-to drink. This lager pairs perfectly with light pasta dishes, Asian dishes, Mexican dishes or anything with a little bit of extra spice.

Deep Ellum – Dallas Blonde

These blonde beauties come ready to sit down and relax. They pour clear from the can and deliver a smooth and soft flavor that is always refreshing and never overwhelming. A simple beer that’s easy to please, this blonde ale is especially delightful when paired with chicken, salads, salmon or brats.

Cobra – All Eyez On Me

A black body, tan head, and a healthy addition of toasted coconut makes this distinctive brew something you don’t want to pass up. Its flavor is roasted and toasted to perfection, and each glass is full of coconut, chocolate, vanilla and malt flavors that will leave you licking your lips after just one sip. This stout sits well with steak, burgers, chocolates, and even vanilla ice cream.

We would love for you to stop by Lone Star Taps and Caps to try a few of the most popular craft beers in Texas. We have locations in Fort Worth, Denton and Lewisville so you are never far away from your next great time and a cold glass of Texas craft beer!

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