5 of the Best Winter Beers in Texas

best winter craft beers in tx

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Winter is coming and the time has arrived to start selecting which seasonal beers you want to sip while you lord over your bar stool. The breweries in Fort Worth and throughout the country are busy crafting some truly remarkable craft beers that you just might want to try.

Peticolas Wintervention

This strong ale is guaranteed to warm you up on a cold winter’s night. At 45 IBU and a hefty 10% ABV, it is the perfect beer to cuddle up with next to a raging fire. The brew features strong notes of cinnamon, allspice, and ginger, which make it a perfect pair for all of the treats you’re cooking up for Santa and the elves.

Anchor Christmas Ale

At 6.7% ABV, this seasonal beer from San Francisco is strong, but not too strong. The brew features hints of toffee and roasted nuts mixed with honey and herbal spice. It’s perfect for those who have been naughty and those who want to be nice.

Panther Island Sweet Fang

At 25 IBU and 5% ABV, this chocolatey, peanut butter milk stout is a sweet treat that goes great with cookies and candies. This is one of the best beers being produced by Fort Worth breweries this season. The company is ho-ho- humble about the brew’s popularity, which continues to grow with each passing season.

Avery Old Jubilation

This beer is shipped in from Boulder, Colorado, but it measures up well against the best Texas craft beers. With an ABV of 8.3%, it’s guaranteed to tickle your tummy. The blend features hints of hazelnut, toffee, and mocha; five different malts give it a well-rounded finish. It goes great with turkey and tastes fabulous when paired with cakes and cookies.

HopFusion Coco Anejo

This strong stout is the kind of craft beer Fort Worth beer drinkers love. With an IBU of 34 and an ABV of 9%, it’s guaranteed to warm you up after a long day of riding the range looking for that perfect Christmas tree. This complex brew has hints of everything from coconut and milk chocolate to toasted coconut and vanilla. As Thomas Jefferson would say, this beer is one of those that will soften your temper and cheer the spirit this holiday season.

Taps and Caps has plenty of beer from Fort Worth breweries and others on tap this holiday season. We invite you to stop by and pull up a bar stool to enjoy the fantastic seasonal beers we’re pouring. Our locations in Fort Worth and Lewisville are geared up and ready to pour plenty of cheer into your glass.

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