4 New Years Resolutions for Craft Beer Lovers

4 new years resolutions for craft beer lovers - Taps & Caps

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It’s time to throw out the old and embrace the new. As 2018 gears up, the following are some New Year’s resolutions to think over. For Texas craft beer lovers throughout the region, we believe these are some ideas that you’ll want to add to your list of things to do over the coming year.

  1. Drink a beer style you think you hate

Don’t knock it until you try it. It is timeless advice that’s worth remembering. When it comes to beer, there are plenty of styles, brewers, blends, etc. By exploring, you just might discover some new beers that hit the spot just right.

  1. Introduce someone new to craft beer

While the wide, wide world of craft beer has grown larger over the past few decades, many people are still fearful of jumping into the waters and away from the big label bottles their fathers and grandfathers introduced them to decades ago. Over the year ahead, build a bridge for your friends and family to follow you across. Show them how much beer there is to discover and introduce them to some brews they might like far more than the standard ones in their fridge.

  1. Take a beer trip to your favorite brewery

It’s one thing to buy a beer from the bar or off the shelf, but it’s a whole different experience to taste right in the brewery itself. Whether your favorite brewer is down the street or a few states away, go on a pilgrimage to pay homage to, and learn more about, your favorite brew.

  1. Become an expert at food pairings

Whether you are grilling steaks or serving up nachos, knowing the right food and beer pairings is the key to hosting a great party. Of course, graduating from amateur student to master aficionado means you get to savor plenty of food and beer as you discover the right way to match the best craft beers with your favorite snacks and meals.

Our craft beer selection in Fort Worth and Lewisville is positively delicious, and Taps and Caps is the perfect place for you to pull up a seat and start these New Year’s resolutions. It would be our pleasure to pour you the perfect pint of the very best Texas craft beers we have to offer. While you’re here, we’ll be glad to help you find the ideal beers for your holiday parties and those moments when you want to enjoy a cold brew with family and friends.

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