10 Best Breweries at Taps & Caps

10 Best Breweries at Taps & Caps - Lone Star Taps & Caps

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The great state of Texas is home to a thriving community of passionate people who are pushing the limits in the world of food and drink. Known for its barbeque, beef, and beer, Texas is fast becoming the place to be. Regarding craft beer, Texas is one of the leaders in the pack, with an incredible list of breweries and tap houses that offer a beer for every taste and preference.

Best Craft Breweries at Taps & Caps

At Lone Star Taps and Caps, if there’s one thing we know, it’s a good beer. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best breweries in Dallas and beyond, all crafting up brews that both our staff and customers turn to time and time again. For an authentic beer experience, here are our all-time favorite breweries with beers that you absolutely can’t miss:

Brash Brewing

This warehouse-style, heavy-metal inspired brewery features a list of craft beers that hit all the right notes. Their most popular beers are a mix of stouts, pale ales, and IPAs, so you can be sure that whatever you prefer, Brash Brewing has the brew for you. Try their EZ-7 if you’re in the mood for an American Pale Ale or the Cali Green for a classic IPA.

Jester King Brewery

With farmhouse roots and a dedication to local agriculture, Jester King Brewery is an authentic slice of Texas. Many of their craft beers even use wild yeast directly from Texas field country. Their brew list is long and filled with creative crafts of all sorts, like their “beer of the Vikings,” a farmhouse ale made with juniper and sweet gale called Gotlandsdricka.

Manhattan Project Brewing Company

Much like its namesake, the Manhattan Project Brewing Company is an experiment – one that yields some seriously impressive results. The brewery was founded by a group of friends who shared a passion for home brewing. Since then, they’ve built a beer menu featuring brews like the creative Atomic Alliance, a pina colada IPA inspired by our very own Lone Star Taps and Caps.

Peticolas Brewing

Founded by a former lawyer who made a career change to follow his passion for craft brewing, Peticolas Brewing has been honored with a number of local and national awards. You can try one of their award-winning brews for yourself, like the Scottish Ale called Great Scot!, or It’s Always Something, their Belgian strong ale.

Upland Brewing

Upland Brewing may be a newcomer on the brewery scene, but they’ve already made an impressive showing with their beers. Their seasonal brews are not to be missed, including their crisp session IPA, Campfire.

The Collective Brewing Project

Whether or not you’ve heard of The Collective Brewing Project yet, you’ve surely heard of their smash hit Ramen Noodle Beer, called Cup O’ Beer There’s a good reason it earned such a fervent Internet following, and it’s one to add to your brew bucket list.

Roughtail Brewing

Like many craft breweries, Roughtail Brewing was founded by a couple of passionate beer lovers, and it has been a favorite in the brewing community ever since. Some of their top sellers include Everything Rhymes with Orange, with distinctly citrusy hops and a clean, dry finish.

Hopfusion Ale Works

The Hopfusion Ale Works mission is to provide an authentic craft beer experience, and they’ve surely achieved exactly that with their lineup of fine brews. Their most popular is their creative interpretation of the traditional blonde ale, a medal-winning beer called Feisty Blonde.

Moonlight Meadery

Lone Star Taps and Caps recently teamed up with Moonlight Meadery for our Lone Star Brunch, and customers couldn’t stop raving about their collection of ciders and meads. Try the Kurt’s Apple Pie, a mead sweetened with wildflower honey and a touch of bourbon vanilla, or the gold medal apple cider mead, Virtue.

AleSmith Brewing

With over 20 years in the craft beer business, AleSmith Brewing has accumulated a wealth of experience in creating some truly memorable brews. Their barrel-aged beers, like Old Numskull and Grand Cru, are worth a try.

Enjoy The Best Craft Breweries at Taps & Caps

At Lone Star Taps and Caps, we make it easy for you to take a tour of these craft beer favorites from Texas and beyond because our brew list is packed with a variety of their best beers. With locations in Fort Worth and Lewisville, we make it convenient to take a journey through the best breweries in Dallas and the United States without ever leaving your seat at the bar. Stop by Lone Star Taps and Caps today, and enjoy a few of the top craft beers that Texas has to offer.

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